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  Why a book-blanket? - This is the story.
  Many years ago a friend gave me a dressing gown for     Christmas. The gown was made of polyesterfleece,
  light, soft and varm. I already had several dressing
  gowns, but this one became usefull in a totally new

  I love reading books!
  But when I read, sitting in my chair or lying in bed, a
  normal blanket does not keep my arms and shoulders
  from getting cold. I keep pulling and twisting, convinced
  that every reader knows what I am talking about.
  Especially female readers, they tend to freeze more.
  Therefore, to protect my arms and shoulders from the
  chill, I used  the gown backwards - like a blanket with
  sleeves. I wore it like that, on top of my bed, sitting in
  the chair, reading  or drinking tea. It was good, but not   perfect. The design was not made for “backward  use”.
  That’s why I decided to make The Book Blanket.
  I needed one  and I think you need one too.

Inger Larsson